The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum publishes research data about its 3 Rembrandt paintings online

8 October 2019

As of today, research data on Boston’s Self Portrait with a plumed beret, Christ in the storm on the Sea of Galilee and Portrait of a couple in an interior is accessible online.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (ISGM) in Boston generously added some 60 research documents to The Rembrandt Database. Aside from digitized research documents, also meta data on treatments and scientific research has been entered in the database. The documents include X-radiographs, high resolution normal light images and infrared photographs. Most research documents were generated during the treatments of the Self Portrait with a plumed beret in 1975 and 1994. The other two paintings were stolen from the museum in 1990. Aside from the data received from the ISGM, research data from the Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies in Cambridge on the Boston paintings, was made available online through The Rembrandt Database as well. 

Many thanks to Elizabeth Reluga (Head of Collections Access) for providing us with the research data and for working in close collaboration with the RKD on the online presentation.

Infrared Photography, detail (front), 1946-11, reference no.  B1057; Rembrandt, Self Portrait with a plumed beret, dated [162]9, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston