Online as of now: Two paintings from the Indianapolis Museum of Art

31 July 2018

The Indianapolis Museum of Art has added research data to the Rembrandt Database on two of their paintings, among which the Self Portrait with gorget and beret.

The research data include image documents such as X-ray films and infrared photographs. The Indianapolis Museum of Art has also shared written documents, for instance: correspondence on treatments, reports and a publication of 1981 by David Miller on the extensive research of both paintings to determine their authenticity.

Many thanks to Kjell Wangensteen (Assistant Curator of European Art) who has generously provided the database with the data and has been working on the presentation in close collaboration with the RKD.

normal light studies: capture (born digital), detail (front), 2012-11-07, photograph: Hadley (Tad) Fruits; attributed to Rembrandt, Self Portrait with gorget and beret, c. 1629, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, C10063