Collaboration with the Doerner Institut in Munich completed

3 December 2018

By publishing the last part of the research data kept at the Doerner Institut in Munich today, the collaboration between the RKD and this research institution which officially started In 2012 has come to an end.

Since the 1960s, the Doerner Institut has been involved in the technical research of Rembrandt’s paintings and those from his workshop, starting with the extensive research on the grounds of Rembrandt paintings worldwide by Dr. Hermann Kühn. The resulting technical documents, such as X-rays, analysis reports and cross-sections are kept in the archives of the Doerner Institut. Since 2012 a selection of the research data was published online on The Rembrandt Database in stages over the course of the project, starting with the research documentation on paintings from the Alte Pinakothek in Munich, which extend back to the late nineteenth century. As part of The Rembrandt Database project, the original paint samples kept at the Doerner Institut were re-photographed by Jeanine Walcher, paintings conservator and project associate at the Doerner Institut. The final part of the selected research data from Munich which was published today include documents on Rembrandt paintings from the National Gallery in Washington, The Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart and the Herzog-Anton-Ulrich Museum in Braunschweig. In total the Doerner Institut has enriched the database with some 750 research documents on approximately 100 paintings from about 20 collections.

Many thanks to Jeanine Walcher, who worked in close collaboration with the RKD on the online presentation and provided us the technical data.

light microscopy: capture (born digital), overall (sample), DIC (differential interference contrast microscopy), normal light, 10x (objective), 2016-01, creator: Jeanine Walcher; Rembrandt, Lucretia, dated 1666, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, inv./cat. no. 1934.19