LACMA shares technical documents of its Rembrandt paintings

22 May 2019

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has been so generous to share research data of its three Rembrandt paintings, among which the Portrait of Marten Looten.

Thanks to LACMA some 60 documents have been added to the Rembrandt Database, making them available for further research. The documents include X-rays, infrared reflectography photographs, and UV, normal light and naking light captures. Aside from the documentation which we’ve received from LACMA, documentation from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam on two of LACMA’s paintings was also added to the database, further complementing the research data which was made available by LACMA.

Many thanks to Diva Zumaya (Annenberg Curatorial Fellow) and Leah Lembeck (Curator European Painting and Sculpture) from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, for providing us with the research data and for working in close collaboration with the RKD on the online presentation.

normal light studies, 2008, detail (front); Rembrandt, Portrait of Marten Looten, dated 1632, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, M53.50.3