Online guide In Focus added to The Rembrandt Database website

29 May 2019

Today the online guide In Focus, has been added to The Rembrandt Database.

This guide aims to provide insight into the information and documentation in the database, making its contents more accessible.

The Rembrandt database contains an extensive amount of research documents, such as treatment reports and high resolution photographs, which are collected from all over the world and made accessible online for further research. The In Focus guide aims to help users of the Rembrandt Database to navigate this bulk of raw data. By exploring a selection of material accessible through The Rembrandt Database following a couple of themes, such as ‘Attribution’ and ‘Provenance’, the guide provides interested individuals more context to the database’s contents.

X-radiography: computer assembly, detail, 2014, Rob Erdmann; Rembrandt, The Sampling Officials of the Amsterdam Drapers Guild, also known as The Syndics, dated 1662, canvas, 191.5 x 279 cm, Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum