Related projects and websites


RemDoc is digital collection of primary documents that relate to the life and works of Rembrandt, produced in the 15th to 18th centuries. RemDoc aims to collect and make available all known documents that relate to Rembrandt, as a person and as an artist, as well as to his ancestors and family.


RemBench is an integrated online work environment that enables research about the life and works of Rembrandt van Rijn. RemBench brings together four existing databases and discloses them through one search interface.

Raphael Research Resource

The Raphael Research Resource brings together art-historical, technical and conservation-based information on Raphael’s paintings and creates a platform, which could eventually host Raphael's complete oeuvre in unprecedented depth.

Cranach Digital Archive

The Cranach Digital Archive provides access to art-historical information and historical documentary material on Cranach’s paintings and encourages new forms of interdisciplinary scholarly research and teaching.


ResearchSpace aims to become a platform for collaborative research and the sharing and publication of information online for the cultural heritage scholarly community.