7 easy steps to launch your data

1. Sign the agreement

Review the draft agreement and send us your comments/approval. We will then finalize the agreement and send it to you to countersign. There is no need to wait to start working on the RDb until the contract has been signed (which is nothing but a formality); in principle you could even start immediately.

2. Review the art historical data

Check the art historical information on your paintings and send us your comments, if you have any.

3. Gather and select your research material

Gather analogue & digital technical research documentation (both images and texts, such as UV photos, X-rays, conservation reports etc) and select which of these you would like to present in the Rembrandt Database.

4. Digitize the analogue material

Digitize the analogue research material you would like to present in the highest quality possible. 

5. Gather information about research material

Find the information (the so called metadata) about these research files, in particular who created it, when, and why. Send this information to us.

6. Send research material to RKD

Send all digitized and born digital files to us, preferably via our FTP server along with a notification by e-mail.

7. Review the information in the database

Our team will enter the data and metadata in the database. When finished, we ask you to review the information and documentation.