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Refer to data on The Rembrandt Database with the following credit lines:

The artwork: The Rembrandt Database, <artist>, <title>, <date>, <whereabouts artwork>, inv. no. <inv./cat. no. artwork>, <url>, accessed <date accessed>

Research documents: The Rembrandt Database, <research type>: <object type>, <area captured>, <date>, <name creator>; <name artist original artwork>, <title artwork>, <date artwork>, <whereabouts artwork>, inv./cat. no. <inv./cat. no. artwork>, <url>, accessed <date accessed>

Commercial and non-commercial use of the online documents

The Rembrandt Database contains both material from the public domain as well as material under copyright. Roughly speaking, there is copyright on all images and texts created in the twentieth and twenty-first century. Older documents are now in the public domain.

Digital content on The Rembrandt Database that is downloadable may be used, reproduced or displayed for non-commercial purposes, without incurring a publication or usage fee, only with reference to the copyright holders. The holders of intellectual property ownership rights are clearly mentioned on the website. The online documents on this website are licensed under a Creative Commons (“CC”) license. The specific type of CC license that applies are clearly marked, including a link to the text of the license. You are free use the online documents for non-commercial purposes under the terms of the applicable CC license.

Permission to use the image for commercial purposes must be obtained from the respective institution or photographer. The Rembrandt Database is not responsible for the claims of any third party resulting from an infringement of copyright laws. 

Consulting the physical documents

Access to the original documents may be obtained by contacting the relevant institutions. The Rembrandt Database states the location of each document mentioned.

Intellectual property

The holders of intellectual property ownership rights are clearly mentioned on the website. The RKD will handle all claims of copyright infringement by possible holders of intellectual property ownership rights not mentioned on the website. If usage rights cannot be obtained, the RKD will remove the document concerned from the website.


Data entry is done by RKD and/or museum staff and is based on annotations on the original documentation, references in research reports and personal information from people involved in the creation of the documentation.

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